Adam Hewitt

Adam was seduced by the Mac as a teenager, moving onto work as a bench engineer at a local computer centre. Graduating quickly to field engineer he led two service teams. Working with the biggest publishers in the business including EMAP, Johnstons Press and International Master Publishers (IMP) Adam has an encyclopaedic knowledge of both Mac OS desktop & server. His wealth of experience in Pre-Press and Publishing puts him in an elite club of Apple UK experts who have the skills to troubleshoot the most complex of problems with confidence and ease.

Techie Team

Combining super-human knowledge with a friendly nature our Techie Team are nothing to be scared of. Quite the opposite in fact. They are perfectly normal people who you can have a perfectly normal conversation with. They just happen to know a lot about computers. They won’t baffle you with technical lingo so you won’t feel the need for an interpreter. They will talk to you using plain English and will get to the bottom of your techie problems and sort them out for you. Simple as.

Neil Wright

You’ll know Neil’s around on site as he taps out a beat whilst masterfully fixing your system. Some might think he’s lost in music but even though he can be a bit of a radiohead, when it comes to computers he’s a real Flash. A well-respected IT specialist, he joined 10-100 to become more than just a face in the crowd and is unequalled when sorting out virtual insanity. He gets real satisfaction from providing customers with the cure and, after Neil’s done his thing, it’ll be Mr Blue Sky from here on in.

Steve Matthews

After his PhD in Physics, Dr Steve decided on doing something more challenging than rocket science – hence the move into IT. With over 10 years industry experience, he’s now highly qualified in both Apple & Microsoft disciplines. When not caring for network workstations and servers he can be found pursuing the other passion in his life…… the bass guitar.

Sarah Taylor

With a background in a City finance house Sarah maintains the cogs of the 10-100 financial wheels with her book keeping prowess. Working in the IT
industry she says is more relaxing then looking after her two young children so when she does have quiet time it comes as no surprise to 10-100
clients to receive correspondence from her in the wee small hours.

Chetan Patel

Chetan is not only a Windows Ace but in recent years has honed his skills to master Apples as well. Having learnt his craft at the well regarded Fujitsu Siemens he has untold client facing experience and knows how to handle the most frustrated users – especially late at night. With an unhealthy interest in everything motor car whether he’s under the hood of your PC Apple or your car there is a ruthless efficiency and calmness that imparts you’re in safe hands.

Chetan is an Apple system Engineer, MAC Support Specialist, Master of Science Computing (MsC).
Johan Botes

Hailing from South Africa, many suspect he’s been planted by Paul who needed another Springbok supporter in time for the Rugby World Cup. Not content to sit back and watch, Johan throws himself into rugby and cricket but his enthusiasm has led to him getting injured as often as an entire scrum. Thankfully, his Apple Support is much more considered but, once roused, Johan will charge down the problem and tackle it into submission whilst supporting the customer to gain every advantage.

Johan is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Windows 7 and Server 2012 Deployment, Apple Systems Engineer, MAC Support Specialist.
Chris Wilkinson

Chris’s special area of interest (alongside losing at badminton) is firewalls and network safety. Initially intrigued by the cool-sounding name ‘firewall’, he was disappointed to learn that no actual fire was involved. However, he became hooked when he found out it gave him the ultimate power: control over his colleagues… internet access.
Nowadays, he’ll happily offer advice to anyone interested in protecting their network and improving productivity at a much lower cost than they might expect. Although the rest of the team sometimes fear that he might abuse the power provided by 10-100’s watchguard firewall, their lunchtime browsing is still unaffected. For now.

Chris is a Microsoft Certified Systems Expert (MCSE), Watchguard Certified System Professional, HP Accredited Server Engineer, Wintel Systems Engineer, Small Business Server (SBS) Migration Specialist.
James Turner

James is a force to be reckoned with in Battlefield 4. Using his stealth and expertise, he’ll often take his online enemies down close-quarters to make sure the job’s done properly. Applying the same steely determination to tracking down customer problems, he’ll heroically virtualise your servers: slashing costs, rescuing room and powering-up features. Rumours about him asking Microsoft to adopt the Battlefield ranking system are greatly exaggerated, but all agree – the man’s a marine when it comes to Microsoft servers.

Jamie Bartlett

Jamie is regularly seen at the gym in training ready for that next SOS call from a client. The natural problem solver he loves nothing better than soaking up all the latest info on products and services, especially on Mac’s which is one of his areas of expertise. Not a person to be outdone, he’ll never let a job, project or game be anything less than perfected.

Matt King

Matthew joined the 10-100 team in 2011 and brought with him a lifetimes commercial and technical experience. Known affectionately as Double Fibre King, because he has not one but two fibre lines at home he has an obsession with all things on the wire which not only includes remote servers and networks, but also feeding his addiction to online gaming.

Matt is a Office 365 Hybrid Development Specialist, Microsoft Hyper-V Development Specialist.
Jo Fairhead

Working in admin, accounts, sales/marketing and also doing a bit of IT stuff, Jo is a good person to know at 10-100. She knows everything about everything, and ‘Mrs Reliable’ dedicates her day to making clients happy.

She is a big X Factor fan and would secretly like to be swimming with sting rays in South America or riding elephants in Thailand!

Jo is a Microsoft Licensing Sales Specialist (MLSS) and Symantec Sales Specialist.
Paul Visagie

Paul Visagie brings an international feel to the business, hailing from the southern hemisphere (where he reckons the only decent rugby teams come from!).In his spare time Paul spends many hours coaching field hockey, and playing the odd game when he can.

As part of the 10-100 Sales team his role is to provide the best possible advice and service to both new and existing clients.

Paul is a Microsoft Licensing Sales Expert (MLSE), Microsoft Sales Specialist (MSS) in Server Platform, Private Cloud/Management and Virtualisation, Online Services and Office 365, Microsoft Authorised Education Reseller (AER), VMware Sales Specialist (VSP5), WatchGuard Certified System Professional and Symantec Sales Expert.
Shaun Delaney

Shaun is the figurehead of 10-100 and he joined the IT industry as long ago as the 286 computer. He is obsessive about providing quality of service to clients, and when he’s not burning the midnight oil he’s been known to quaff the odd thimble of wine.

Shaun is the Managing Director, Microsoft Sales Specialist (MSS) Small Business Solutions.