Backup and  Disaster Recovery

Your company's data is paramount to all else. We are here to ensure that there is always a faultless plan in place that allows you to have peace of mind. 

Why should you backup your business? 

It's simple... the domino effect. This relates to the loss of your data, such as important files and emails, which businesses rely on. Once such critical data has been lost, there will be a time frame within which your business will be unable to function as normal. This results in a loss of time and eventually amounts to a loss of revenue. Ultimately, your data should be backed up so that you can focus your attention elsewhere, knowing that if a disaster were to occur, your data would be recoverable. 

Unfortunately, try as we might, disasters can occur when we least expect them. But there is still no need to worry, as we always have a plan in place. Follow the flowchart below to see a summary of how data recovery can save the day. 


All of your data, such as files and emails, will be backed up using our tried and tested backup application.

For the highest chance of recoverability, we prefer to replicate the backup off-site in the cloud. However, we are also able to cater for on-site preferences, such as; tape, disk or network attached storage. It depends on what works for you.

There are numerous circumstances that could be defined as a 'disaster'. For example, the accidental deletion of crucial files, damage to computer hardware that results in a loss of data or negligence.


If a disaster were to occur, we would recover all of your data quickly and efficiently, making sure that you are informed throughout every step.

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