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  • Haylee Friel

How to Empower Your IT for Education

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In busy school environments, staff and educators face an ever-evolving demand for modern technology to make sure their students stay on the frontlines of being prepared for their futures. This is done in the face of limited resources and increased challenges, which means schools often must rely on optimizing their IT infrastructure on a tight budget. But when constraining costs too much in the sector risks negatively affecting both staff and students, how can you effectively solve those problems? One of the biggest changes you can make is making sure you have a capable team to handle your IT support requirements. It may be time to replace your traditional, in-house IT with an educational institution-friendly Managed Service Provider (MSP). Let’s break down three compelling reasons why partnering with an MSP can help enhance your IT experience and revolutionize your technology workflow.

1. Cost-effective, Predictable IT Budgeting

Rather than paying a lump cost to operate an in-house IT Department, MSPs can provide a tailored service to suit the needs of your organization directly. This cuts down on the cost of salaries for IT technicians whose skills could easily be over or underqualified to service your school, while also making sure that you receive the full support of an entire team of qualified experts. This cost is often considerably less than a single yearly salary for an on-site 'IT guy.'

2. Comprehensive Cyber Security Solutions

Data in schools is often considered a valuable target for cybercriminals given the amount of information that can be accessed regarding faculty and students alike. Managed Service Providers often have access and information on the latest cybersecurity solutions well ahead of the curve of independent IT workers, and are often eligible to provide more affordable pricing and management on antivirus protection, advanced firewalls, and access points. 10-100 Consultancy even helps with Cyber Essentials certification and phishing simulators to make sure your defenses are fortified.

3. Evolving, Scalable IT Services

Schools have seen massive growth in the last decades, often leaving schools frantic to keep up with the various needs to support their students. MSPs are adept at scaling services according to schools' growth trajectories. Whether it's adding new devices, integrating new software, or expanding cloud solutions, MSPs can accommodate growth effortlessly, ensuring that technology never becomes a limiting factor.

The Future of IT for Education

There is no question that technology drives the current education system, but sometimes schools with underprepared IT resources can be the last places to integrate technology in a meaningful, effective way for their students. By entrusting IT management to experts, educational institutions can channel their resources into delivering superior education, secure in the knowledge that their technology infrastructure is in capable hands. From enhanced security to scalability, the advantages are clear. Embracing MSPs isn't just a smart choice—it's a strategic investment in the future of education.

If you’re an educational institute that is looking for the best solution for IT services, get in touch with our Sales team today at 01908 087000, or send us an email at

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