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Investing in your business’s cyber-security posture is essential in the current landscape.

Rising cases of cyber-crime underpinned with the introduction of data protection laws, has resulted in robust cyber-security measures being an integral factor in ensuring business continuity.

Cyber Essentials | 10-100
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The Cyber Essentials scheme is government backed by the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ, and is an industry leading accreditation. Acquiring the Cyber Essentials certification not only helps protect your business against cyber-threats, it additionally demonstrates to your clients that you have taken essential security precautions to ensure that their data is in safe hands.

This initial stage is a self-assessment to protect you against a wide variety of cyber-threats. The accreditation is straight-forward and simple to achieve if you have the necessary measures in place, completed via a portal-based questionnaire on IASME’s, the accreditation body, website

This is the next stage of the Cyber Essentials scheme and is for those who really want to demonstrate their commitment to system security. This stage supplements your existing Cyber Essentials certification with an in-person assessment of your systems in line with the Cyber Essentials framework along with additional external security tests. This provides a comprehensive stress test of your current infrastructure and technologies, in order to provide you with holistic visibility on the current stage of your technology solution, and any existing vulnerabilities.

As an industry leading accreditation – The Cyber Essentials accreditation is recognised throughout the UK, so much so that it is becoming a mandatory requirement for working with both government and, increasingly, many commercial organisations.

A robust cyber-security position – Your security posture will be up to date and relevant, mitigating the risks of costly data breaches and providing ongoing peace of mind that your systems are inline with the current NCSC recommendations.

A quick return on investment – Through achieving this accreditation in just three months, your reputation will quickly skyrocket with customers, insurers and investors, meaning you will benefit from the rewards quickly.

At 10-100, our Milton Keynes based practitioners have a wealth of experience in IT Security, and we have successfully led a variety of clients in a range of industries through their Cyber Essentials accreditation.

With our support, guidance and expertise, we manage the assessment on your behalf, carrying out a comprehensive pre-assessment audit to determine any changes required to ensure compliance with the Cyber Essentials guidelines.

Cyber Essentials | 10-100

Our ACE qualified Cyber Essentials practitioners are also proud to be recognised as a Trusted Partner of one of the Certification Bodies, Indelible Data Limited. This status recognises our expertise at preparing companies ahead of Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus audits, making any required security changes, to ensure a streamlined process and a successful result.

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10-100 | IT Support, Services & IT Consultancy in Milton Keynes

​For more information on how to achieve accreditation for your business and how our experts can assist, get in touch with one of our specialists today who would be happy to help.

10-100 | IT Support, Services & IT Consultancy in Milton Keynes

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