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When your business relies on consistent, reliable IT performance, only a fully managed, private service with exceptional support will do. Through utilising expert guidance, your business is empowered to create a tailored cloud solution to best serve your exclusive hosting requirements.


Business growth - Our cloud specialists will monitor and manage your business software and applications on your behalf, meaning you can focus on scaling your business.


Increase in productivity - Through our trustworthy and consistent support, you will witness a surge in employee productivity, as your systems continue to run smoothly, and your downtime is drastically reduced.


Predictable costs - Utilising the 10-100 Cloud will deliver a holistic and comprehensive hosting service, all for a flat and predictable fee - so you won’t get any nasty surprises!


Security & Protection - Our highly qualified cloud consultants will additionally ensure that your systems are secure and up to date with industry best practices as we provide a comprehensive, turn-key solution whereby cloud technology and cyber-security work concurrently.


Our infrastructure is housed within two Tier 4, ISO 27001 certified datacentres situated around Milton Keynes. This ensures we can provide exceptional redundancy and protection against downtime to guarantee that your business stays up and running. This is achieved by having:

  • Power - A Tier 4 (N+N) power solution in place for maximum resilience. Each element of the power from the raw HV supplies right down to the power distribution within the racks is separate to eliminate any single point of failure.

  • Cooling - A Tier 4 (N+N) Cooling solution is in place for maximum resilience. All main data halls have two totally separate sets of specialist Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units each set is fed from a different power source and the external units located in different locations with pipe work taking totally separate routes. Each set of air handling units is able to support the full load of the area independently for maximum resilience and reliability.

  • Networking - N+N internal networks which are designed with maximum redundancy and performance in mind.

  • Physical Security - One facility was previously a purpose built data centre and payment processing centre for a major UK bank so the site itself occupies its own secure compound.

MKDC-0 Datacenter

MKDC-0 - Providing Tier 4 hosting services

Our industry-leading infrastructure utilises the very latest in Dell Hardware and VMWare technology (ESXi and VSAN) to leverage exceptional performance across your software and applications.

It is fully SSD based and leverages the latest in Intel Xeon CPU's.


After moving away from public cloud services, or their own on premise infrastructure and instead hosting with 10-100, our clients have benefitted from significant cost savings, an immediate return on investment, and a major surge in performance. With our fixed monthly fee, you are guaranteed to only pay for what you use, with costs that only grow as you do.


Trust in our dedicated cloud-specialists to find the right private hosting solution for your business, and get in touch with one of the team today.


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