Are you considering moving your business infrastructure to the cloud?


Nowadays, cloud-based solutions are progressively cost-effective and flexible, and our team gain an in-depth knowledge of your business to help identify a tailored solution to suit your requirements.


Implementing a hybrid solution will allow you to flexibly work between the cloud and your on-site infrastructure - benefitting from the best products on offer in each market. Utilising this solution will allow your business to take advantage of the flexibility and resilience that cloud technology presents, without revealing critical data to security risks. In addition, sensitive data is isolated from other customers within the same cloud environment, providing complete control and visibility.


Our specialists underpin their close partnership with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services with a comprehensive knowledge of your business, in order to provide you with a bespoke solution to best suit your needs.


Working alongside our Azure or AWS consultants will empower your organisation to take full advantage of the scalability, resilience, and cost-effective pricing that a virtual infrastructure can offer. Not only this, but our team will provide professional guidance throughout the migration and provide ongoing support afterwards, to ensure a streamlined transition and continued productivity.


Immediate return on investment – You will witness immediate savings as your workforce productivity will surge, aligning with a reliable pricing structure.


Scalability – Your infrastructure will be enabled to flex and scale alongside your business growth, encouraging success rather than inhibiting it.


Accessibility – Your employees will be enabled to work on multiple devices in various locations – essential for today’s remote landscape!


If your public cloud services are costing more than you anticipated, utilise the expertise of our consultants. At 10-100, we specialise in analysing the cost incurred in public cloud hosting, and subsequently making recommendations to significantly reduce your monthly costs.

Are you interested in our cloud consultancy services? If so, get in touch with one of our team today to discuss your requirements further.

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