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Microsoft Announces Co-Pilot: Your Built-in AI Assistance for Microsoft 365

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Just over a week after OpenAI announced the addition of their language models to their publicly-available API, Microsoft has stepped forward with their AI-powered answer to built-in assistance with Microsoft 365 apps. Using the advanced language models already seeing en masse use by public developers, Microsoft is aiming to streamline smart advancements in how people use the Modern Work environment.

Co-Pilot promises to not only increase productivity across a variety of their applications such as Office and Teams, but to actively learn new skills as the programs are used; Microsoft has announced that as the AI learns, it will become more adept at adjusting to their user’s needs on both a business and individual basis. Accompanying the Co-Pilot release is Microsoft’s Business Chat, which incorporates your commands into managing calendars, chats, emails, and several other aspects of Microsoft’s LLP.

Microsoft has already laid out a list of how Co-Pilot will integrate into a few of their apps in the early stages of release, but as early testing trials continue, there are certainly more advancements and updates that will be added upon release as companies use it to streamline workflow and increase productivity overall.

While these features aren’t immediately available for public use, they’re currently being tested by 20 companies in preparation for mainstream release. To be at the front line for deployment for Co-Pilot, Microsoft suggests preparing your company by using Microsoft 365, which will provide you with the groundwork to begin using Co-Pilot as it’s integrated with later features.

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