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OpenAI adds ChatGPT and Whisper Models to API Hosted by Microsoft’s Azure

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Just over a month after entering the third phase of Microsoft’s continued investment partnership with OpenAI, the company has announced the addition of both the ChatGPT and Whisper models to their existing API. With this overall language and speech-to-text support potential, OpenAI has made artificial intelligence a cemented resource for innovative businesses to move forward with everything from customer support responses to learning, functional personal shopping assistants.

While early users of the ChatGPT API include Snapchat, Shopify, and Instacart, several independent developers are already working on integrating the artificial intelligence system into unique environments to begin building individual databases capable of fitting niche business needs. Private users of the program’s pre-API release have documented using ChatGPT for assisting in preparation for job interviews, creating digital personal assistants, translating complex works with more accuracy than traditional automatic language translators, and assessing written code for security flaws.

As part of the original investment into OpenAI’s artificial intelligence research, Microsoft originally partnered with the institution in 2019—and has since promised that the AI-powered results of OpenAI’s advancement in technology will be integrated into Microsoft enterprise products. In turn, OpenAI utilizes Microsoft’s Azure as its cloud provider and the base for the OpenAI supercomputer. This agreement was continued in January of 2023, marking the beginning of a busy year for OpenAI announcements, and has already been utilized in additions of the GPT-3.5 model increasing the flexibility of AI-enhancement to Microsoft’s new Teams Premium licensing.

A base version of ChatGPT is still open for free testing for research by independent users and the language model is now integrated into their paid services for businesses, but the latest addition to the OpenAI API also expands upon the ability for users to extensively control the model version they use by offering dedicated instances.

Building off of an Azure base offers key flexibility for developers interested in utilizing AI learning without sacrificing the major costs it would otherwise incur by having to personally host the technology required to run it. As with other instances and services that also use Azure, developers are able to pay for the time it takes to process their ChatGPT and Whisper requests, with more precise control over how much load they levy against OpenAI’s supercomputer infrastructure.

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